Welcome to the website of Patrick Fairbank. I am a software engineer in Sunnyvale, California and a graduate in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I'm interested in programming, web technologies, distributed systems, mechanical design, electronics, robotics, automation and photography.

I like building cool stuff. For my final year engineering project, some friends and I created a self-balancing telepresence robot (and graced a few tech blogs as a result).

I've been involved in the FIRST Robotics Competition since 2001 — currently as a mentor on Team 254, The Cheesy Poofs, from San Jose, CA, previously as a mentor on Team 1503, Spartonics, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, and as a student then a mentor on Team 296, The Northern Knights, from Montreal, Quebec.

This site contains resources I've created for the FIRST Robotics Competition as well as a collection of my photography, taken mostly during robot builds and at competitions.

Here's a link to my résumé. I also have profiles on GitHub, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook, and can be contacted by e-mailing the pat account on this domain.

My public key can be found here.